Acrylic Panels

Our acrylic panels are different from the others because we use MDF as a base material. MDF is refined with an acrylic coating on both sides, one side in a high gloss and the other side of the same color in mat structure. The materials are characterized by high resistance to scratching and wear, the colors are stable, high-gloss surfaces have the effect of the mirror. The panels in the front are wrapped in protective foil which is removed after processing and assembly. The panels are widely used in furniture manufacturing, particularly in the production of fronts for kitchen and bathroom elements, bedrooms and children's bedrooms, office furniture, etc. ...

Product info:

  • board dimensions: 2440 x 1220 mm
  • thickness: 18 mm
  • all boards have their edging tapes of 1/22 mm
  • some designs have a matching edging tapes of 1/40mm i 1/50mm


NOTE: Colors on web do not match the actual colors in full, if you want we can send You our promotional materials by mail, contact us here.