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Product description

High gloss MDF section view

Recommended Uses

High Gloss MDF Board is suitable for use on fine quality residential and contract furniture, casework, and also for architectural application on inside wall, interior doors and sliding door systems. - INDOOR USES ONLY.

Product Composition

(Impregnating Step)

Impregnating the paper with melamine resin.

The decorative or matte paper is impregnated with melamine resin.

(Pressing the impregnated paper on the board)

Pressing the impregnated (decorative or mat) paper.

Pressing the impregnated (decorative or mat) paper on the MDF board.

(Coating Step)

High gloss coating step

Decorain uses the MDF (medium density fiberboard) that is coated 6 times with paint and 6 times with UV varnish – for boards that are in plain and for the decorative boards color 6 layers of UV coating is used. Only one side of the board is coated.

(Packting Step)

Board packages Colors

Patterns & Colors

Available in the full range of Decorain High Gloss MDF Board solid pearl and patterns. E-mail us with your company details and the address and we will send them to you free of charge. Please see the actual samples before ordering.

Tehnical data

Glossmeter reading : G100

Note : Glossometer reading are made at the angle of 60°.

Standard Board Width: 1220mm

Standard Board Length: 2440mm

NOTE : Cutting sizes and edge work are available as an order. Please check with your Decorain High Gloss MDF Board representative.

Thickness and Weight

Description: Decorain high gloss mdf board
Thickness: 18mm+0,8mm, 9mm+0,8mm
Weight per board (18mm): 33 kg + / - 0,4 kg,

Physical Properties of General Purpose Decorain High Gloss MDF Board..

Items Test Results Testing Method
Density (g/cm3) 0.69 KS F 3200:2006
Moisture contents (%) 7
Bending strngth
Lenght 40.5
Widith 38.1
Expansion ratio in thickness
due to water absortion (%)
Wood screw holding
power (N)
Face 703
Edge 450
Adhesiveness (class) 1
Pencil hardness
- Woff Wilborn method
2H KS M ISO 15184 : 2002
Bean oil KS M 3510 : 2005
Lubricating oil
95% Ethanol
Cement paste
10% Amonia water
5% Acetic acid
5% Hydrochloric acid


  • It is acceptable that board has some spot within 100mm from edge side.
  • Spots, dirt and similar surface defects. The diameter (dirt,spots,etc.) shall not exceed 2.0mm per sheet, with a maximum of 2 spots per sheet (not all of the boards will have spots).
  • Fibres, hairs, etc. total length of fibrous contamination shall not exceed 5mm per ㎡ of sheet area.

The total permissible contamination may be in the form of a single defect or dispersed over a number of smaller defects.

Tolerances on high gloss MDF material contaminations.